Programme of activities
La Palma Fitness Centre

Vital & Fitness activities programme

At La Palma Princess you can enjoy more than 25 sports disciplines every day of the week with the best facilities and our team of specialised professional instructors.

Our VITAL & FITNESS activities programme is aimed at all audiences of all age ranges. Besides, you can choose the time that suits you best to combine exercise with other activities, from enjoying a spa session in our wellness centre to spending the day at the beach or exploring the Isla Bonita.

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Times and activities

La Palma Princess

Fitness Centre activities times

Open from 07:00 to 19:00 h

This timetable is subject to change and availability. Please double-check the times at the hotel reception.

Fitness Centre activities description

Wake up and walk

Exercises for all audiences and then a walk around the hotel.

1 hour


Develops inner balance, concentration, flexibility, strength, and breath control.

50 min. Gym.


Strength and stability for the abdominal area (abs, back, internal stabilisers).



Emphasis on proper breathing and its connection in the movements to develop abdominal strength and spinal stability.

50 min. Gym.

Functional training

It involves weight-bearing activities in a circuit targeting the abdominal waist and back.

40 min. Max.: 10 people. Gym.


Buttocks, abdomen and legs. Training focused on the abdomen and lower body.

40 min. Max.: 10 people. Gym.


A fun exercise inspired by Latin dance.

45 min.


High intensity exercise in an interval of 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest.

30 min. Max.: 10 people. Gym.


Full body exercise to tone buttocks and thighs.

Full body exercise to tone buttocks and thighs.


Training using light weights with high repetitions to the beat of the music.

50 min. Max.: 8 people. Gym.


Continuous outdoor running: 5 to 8 km distance in about 1 hour.

Spinning (RPM)

Group cycling exercise to the beat of the music in which you control the intensity.


Combat sport of Japanese origin that combines boxing techniques with kicking techniques from martial arts such as karate.


Boxing is a combat sport in which opponents fight using only their gloved fists and striking only from the waist up.

La Palma Princess

Daytime activity times

This timetable is subject to change and availability. Please double-check the times at the hotel reception.

Meeting point: pool with sand | Petanque: next to the Mini Club | Aquagym: 12:00 h every day | Trekking: reception

Description of daytime activities

Beach Volleyball

Team volleyball practiced on sand.


Aqua-gym is a water fitness modality with numerous exercises focused on muscle toning.


Tennis is a racket sport practiced on a rectangular court, delimited by lines and divided by a net.

Dance classes

Led Latin, classical and modern dance classes… both in groups and in pairs.

Indoor soccer

It is a collective ball sport practiced with the feet between two teams of five players each, within a defined court.


Archery is the sport in which the skill of using a bow to propel arrows is practiced. The arrows must be directed at a target and objective located several metres away.


Waterpolo is a sport that is practiced in a pool, in which two teams face each other. The aim of the game is to score the greatest number of goals in the opposing team’s goal while the game lasts.


Aquagym modality, where a dance choreography is taught in the water.


Tennis mode, performed on a specific table, where the ball goes beyond the net until it touches the opponent’s court.


Darts is a game that is played individually or in teams, and consists of each player throwing three darts alternately at a target until a certain score is completed.


Snooker is a precision sport that is practiced by hitting a certain number of balls with a stick. Each rival has to put the balls that have touched them inside the board’s holes. Finally, the opponent who manages to get the balls into the holes first wins.


Exciting precision game where you have to slide the pieces of each team to place them within the defined areas to score.


Petanque is a team sport in which the objective is to throw metallic balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball, previously thrown by one of the players. The team that manages to position the most balls close to the small ball wins.


Table shuffleboard is a game in which players push metal and plastic discs across a long, smooth wooden table to a scoring area at the opposite end of the table.


Bingo is a game of chance that consists of a drum with a certain number of numbered balls inside, the players have to cross out their card as the numbers come out of the drum. The first one to cross out all their numbers wins.

Mojito session

A demonstration on how to create the famous mojito drink. Guests are requested to participate and the resulting drink is tasted in the end.

Score 21

A precision game for the whole family that consists of scoring 21 points by golfing shots towards a panel with different scores.

Sangría session

Demonstration on how to create the famous Spanish drink sangria. Guests are requested to participate and the resulting drink is tasted in the end.


Non-competitive sports activity that consists of walking long distances.


Sport of Colombian origin in which the players throw a metallic disc to a field to bury it inside a ring or the closest thing to it, or to light a wick by contact.

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La Palma Princess

Evening activities times

Piano bar programme

This timetable is subject to change and availability. Please double-check the times at the hotel reception.

La Palma Princess

Children’s show

Mini Club

Open from 10:30 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 20:00

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